Portraits around a Cincinnati Church

One of my favorite places to photograph is in and around the Hyde Park Community Methodist Church in Cincinnati Ohio

The architecture and design of the church itself makes for great backgrounds. As a portrait photographer I can really appreciate that! Click on any of the images to see them enlarged.

I won an award for the archway image which shows light and shadow streaming through toward the viewer. As a professional photographer, how the light falls in the image really makes the picture pop! It gives the effect of a three dimensional image on a two dimensional piece of paper.

Natural lighting is always best, and I'm trained to look for it. The black and white image of Senu leaning against a church pillar had light streaming in from the side to enhance her beautiful dark skin.

Sometimes the background is great but the lighting is wrong or non existent. In the other two portraits I had brought portable studio lights with me to help accentuate their faces. With the male I turned his face slightly to give him what is called broad lighting. This gives him a more masculine look. With the female, hands on her hips, I used the lighting from the other side, called short lighting. This is better suited for a woman.

An almost lost art these days is classical portraiture. I studied with the great Monte Zucker and learned to shoot anywhere and create great Traditional Portraits!

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Dave Likes