Consumers may need to read up on copyright in the near future?

People need digital images these days

Clients need digital images for social media, professional images, press images, marketing and much, much more!

Clients gladly pay for digital images and do not expect to pay less for them. Most just want them to use how they wish. They don't understand the legal issues involved with copyright.

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In the past some photographers have been complacent when including a license when they sell their digital files.

Due to the complications of copyright law it was hard for photographers to get legal satisfaction when their images were used without their written permission. That be the case, then why bother including any paperwork spelling out how the files can be used?

But Beware! The rules may be changing in the near future. Here is what you need to know!

In the past clients expect to be able to share their digital files as soon as possible. Most don't care about copyright rules and regulations. And as I mentioned a lot of photographers don't care either. And so they forget or don't even know to include the proper license paperwork when selling their files!

The copyright rules for how photographers deal with business transactions may be changing soon! A bill before Congress H.R. 3945 if passed, will change things and allow photographers to receive compensation from people who use their images without written consent in a type of copyright small claims court.

Make sure you have it in writing how and where you can use your legally purchased digital files

1) As with proper paperwork you can prove you have the right to use those files under the conditions stated in such paperwork. 

2) Given the correct written permission it gives you the right to print those files at your local print station or for other uses such as using them on your website or for commercial use as well.

3) When purchasing digital files from the photographer be sure to know where you can and cannot use them!

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