At L. David Likes Photography we walk you through the process step by step

"My clients expect me to help them choose their products and help guide them through the process of choosing the right image, for the right space for the right size. Because this is what I do day in and day out."
Dave Likes

STEP 1: In the Consultation we listen so that we can custom design a portrait experience that's right for you:

We are an advocate for educating our clients on exactly what their photography will cost before they choose our services. We serve our clients by helping them custom design their portrait session to their exact needs and budget. That is why we include a no-obligation consultation in every photo session we do. Done by phone. Takes 20 to 30 minutes.

STEP 2: At the Photo Session we photograph for specific images and products getting the job done quickly:

We come to you. We can photograph in your home, outside or at another location. The session images are designed to accent your particular viewing location, both in size and color. In addition to photo prints, we ask questions to determine if you would be interested in products like wall portraits, albums, or image boxes? Then we photograph specifically for your interests and specific products you have chosen. We find this saves a lot of time and makes for an enjoyable experience and happy and satisfied customers as well.

STEP 3: At the Viewing and Ordering Session we help you hand pick the images and products you desire:

 We will personally help you pick your images and products in person by way of a laptop computer, home projection or screen share over the internet as we talk to you on the phone. All depends on the type of session which we help you choose during the consultation. We use special software to allow you to view your images and make intelligent decisions about where they will be located in your home.

 Email or text us a snapshot of your home walls and we will show your images on your walls before you buy!

Email or text us a snapshot of your home walls and we will show your images on your walls before you buy!

STEP 4: With the added convenience we Deliver directly to you:

Yes, we aim to please. Typically two to three weeks after the Viewing and Ordering Session, we will contact you and let you know your order is ready. We then deliver the products to your home.

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Dave Likes