L. David Likes Photography FAQ


We invite you to call us. 

We do a no-obligation phone call answering questions about your portrait photography needs. We can discuss the day, location and clothing for your best look in pictures. Also at this time we will explain our pricing and talk about products that we offer. You can also send us an email at dave@ldavidlikesphotography.com with questions and/or a good time to call you as well.

We are an on-location specialist and can visit your location prior to the photo shoot

Because we create custom art pieces for you, it's best to talk over the phone or in person. It is also helpful to meet in person to look through samples and solidify ideas, discuss prices, clothing and locations. There is no obligation for us to drive to your location. This also helps us to determine how much of the natural surroundings, either inside your home, or outside will be used in the photography.

We listen and determine the best way for you to view your images after the photo session

As people become more and more busy these days it is sometimes hard to find the time to return to the photo studio to view your images. We are problem solvers. We listen and help view see your images that best fits your needs. Whether it is returning to your home to put on a slideshow, or doing an internet conference call and viewing session, we  will make the best recommendation.

We Specialize in Art for out clients that happens to be their family

Our specialty is creating art to go on display in your home. Whether it be on a living room wall or in a beautiful album on your coffee table. We strive to create a beautiful piece that when your friends see it they exclaim, "Love it! But hey that is your child isn't IT!!!"

Print Products

We have a wide range of products that will be just right for your needs. From prints to albums to canvas wall enlargements.


We take Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discovery. Portrait investment levels vary by client based on a number of things like destination and locations, lighting requirements, level of retouching and finished sizes, types of frames, types of coating finishes based on your own personal tastes and needs.

Years ago, we found that packages rarely work for our clients because everyone's needs are so different. So we individually tailor your final collection to you specifically and what you actually want.

If you're shopping around comparing photographer's prices, we won't be the cheapest, but will be one of the best. And won't have to shoot tons of images in hopes of getting something where you look good either. You'll leave the shoot still full of energy knowing you have more variety and even better images than you thought and in less time!

You only buy what you fall in love with. If you need a ballpark price, most invest between $500 and $700. If you have a specific budget we will do our best to meet your needs within our pricing structure.

More specific pricing questions can be answered right over the phone, but a personal meet or phone consultation is always recommended, especially for something really specialized like what we provide. It is helpful to compare options as well.