Portraits for Busy Families in Cincinnati

Preserve your family's history at your home or outside Location

It's one of the most beautiful and visually exciting environments for photographing people, portraying the warmth and special bond between them. Capture and preserve the love, affection and expressions that are uniquely your family.

I'm very excited to add my new Family Photography Marketing Video to my youtube collection! Families are very busy these days with taking kids to soccer practice and dance school, etc. . . so when do you have time to go to the photo studio?

At L. David Likes Photography it is sometimes hard to explain our uniqueness as there is a lot we do to ensure a great experience. We have added this video to help those who would like to acquire our services to see some of what we do differently. We encourage you to call and talk to us about your specific needs.

Most Traditional Portrait Studios make you visit them 4 times to receive your pictures!

Most Brick and Mortar Portrait Studios make you come to them. And they have you work around their hours of operation. Some require you to:

1) Drive to the studio and do a 30 minute consultation

2) Drive back to the studio for your portrait session

3) Drive back again to the studio for your viewing and ordering session

4) Drive back, FINALLY, to the studio to pick up your pictures!

Digital Technology has changed the way photographers work nowadays. Just as film photography has gone by the wayside, new methods of operating a photography business have come into vogue.

We do it differently

We embrace the new methods and use the latest technology and software. This makes getting your photos so much easier. And you'll only buy what you fall in love with!

 With our process, you never have to leave your home as we offer a more personalized service by working closely with you at your residence or outside location. Do sales by email or we can share our computer screen over the internet at a later, more convenient time, as we walk you step by step through the process and help you get the pictures and products that you really want. See exactly what you are getting before you buy!

Since you are only seeing our computer screen, you literally could be in your PJ’s as you view and order your images!


Dave Likes