Cincinnati Portrait and Family Photographer L. David Likes is a CPP

Certified Professional Photographer means keeping up with on going education

To keep up my certification requires me to attend Photo Conferences on a yearly basis. In the last week of January 2017 I attended the ProPho Expo held in Covington Kentucky. When signing up for this event, months in advance, I never know if it will snow? Luckily the weather was good!

Photo Instructors from all over the country come to this event to teach the latest methods and share their techniques. My favorite Instructor at this event was Hanson Fong! Hanson is based out of San Francisco and a great teacher and funny as well. His three rules are:

Rule: 1 Make the woman look good
Rule: 2 Make the woman look good
Rule: 3 The man pays!

Hanson says he is a "poser." Meaning that for clients that want to look their best in pictures he poses them. I ended up buying his ez steps posing cushions for those who want more of a classic look in their photos.

 Want to see what ez steps are? Click here to see renowned photographer Hanson Fong joking around with them.

I have been a member of the Professional Photographers of America since 2007. I became a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) in 2014. Click on the video below to learn how certified photographers can make a difference when it counts.

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Dave Likes