Where do you go on Vacation?

Unlike popular America, I take my vacation mostly in the Winter time. With the exception of one weekend in the Fall. My vacations are typically to attend a photography conference.

Saturday, November 12th I drove up to beautiful Gahanna, OH for our State (Ohio's) Fall photography conference. Gahanna is located on the Northeast outer I-270 loop of Columbus, OH. I went a day early hoping to get some really cool shots of the area, thinking the leaves were still on the trees, as they were here in Cincinnati.

One hour into my drive north I noticed the fall leaves were no longer on the trees! Very disappointing! Still the area is very pretty. If I ever get a chance to go somewhere during the Summer months, I'll come back here for sure. As there are paved trails, through the back of the building into wooded area, along a large creek. It is very scenic. Click here to go to Gahanna's Creekside Park website.


There is plenty of free parking in an underground parking lot right across from Walnut Street which runs right into the building entrance at 121 Mill Street. Something that Google Maps won't show you!

Here are some images from my trip.


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