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It has never been easier to create your own online course for fun and profit

I used  CourseCraft  to create this online course for Flash Photography Training

I used CourseCraft to create this online course for Flash Photography Training

Before online courses desktop publishing was the in thing for those that wanted to sell their own books without the hassle of finding a book publisher that would take their work. Back in the 1990’s you needed three software programs. You needed:

  • A word processing program such as Word for Windows

  • A desktop publishing program such as Adobe PageMaker

  • A drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator

The problem for me at that time was that the cost of the programs was in the thousands of dollars to buy! Not to mention the learning curve that was involved to use them! You still had to make the book and also distribute it yourself for sale. This was a very large task.

Today you don’t even need a website. There are websites (better known as Learning Management Systems, LMS) that will host your course for Free!! They take a small percentage of the sale in return for their services. You can also pay a set monthly fee for the online subscription service if you want to keep all the profit from the sale for yourself. These sites make it easy to upload text, audio, and video content without needing a lot of special knowledge of online computing.

And there are thousands of new LMS systems springing up daily. I reviewed three such free LMS course creation platforms of which one I use for my own business. See video below.

I review three online course creation platforms for small business in this video

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