Samsung Fast Charge Portable Battery Pack 5100 review

Take a tip from what Pro Photographers do, they carry extra batteries when doing their photography

5100 Portable Battery and Cord

This is a fast charge battery and will charge your phone 1.5 times faster.

The newer Smartphones have fast charging. I can charge my phone up with the charging unit or this battery back up unit in about an hour. That is much faster than my old charging system.

5100 battery and smartphone

How the phone hooks up to the battery. Cord comes with battery.

Sometimes you don’t have time to charge your phone on the go. Or you are close to an AC outlet to charge up your phone. That is where this fast charging backup battery comes into play. I just grab it and go. While in the car it is fast charging my phone.

Special Fast Charger

Keep in mind you must have the right charger to charge up both the battery and your phone.

Adapter for charger to battery

The cord has two optional connectors for charging the battery (shown here) or charging your phone.